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In the lady warrior's castle deep
among the many secrets one can find,
there's a dark place where many things creep
from waters swirled from the rivers of her mind.
If one cares enough to look beyond the shimmers
one might see the ancient soul within.
Because the love of the fae brightly glimmers
from ancient celtic times her story does begin.
Hush, be still now and you will hear
the faint flutters of Irish gossamer wings
that herald her magikal prescence is near
and the beautiful music of the fae she sings.
And if one has a heart that is true
she might land and sit at your side
and sing of the ancient mysteries to you,
giving her friendship to forever in your heart reside.
Take her hand now and join her in this place
where mystical, magikal beauty exists,
for you are one who's soul has an ancient face
and has been blessed with the fae's whispery kiss.
-Written to The Faerie Keeper
by Lady Debby
(AKA: LadyDarkOne)



This site within the True Believer's Webring belongs to Lady Debby

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